Video 15 Jun 1 note

Chairs of the day. The RAR is a limited version, the Moroso and Marni are hand made.

Video 12 Jun 4 notes

My current vinyl playlist on constant rotation.

Video 27 May

Two classics, firstly Wallpaper issue 1, simply put it set the tone for others to follow, and second a rarity from the Wallpaper stable, Line magazine issue 1, Line (for those that don’t know) was a Sport/Health/Travel magazine that definitely had an edge to it that I think is sometimes lacking today, I also think it was ahead of its time and is probably more relevant today, Tyler Brûlé was in the Editorial Directors seat once again (as with Wallpaper).
I have also included two publications that I feel have the right ingredients to become future classics, first is Port issue 1 and second a recent discovery, Article magazine, very different in their approach and content from the above titles, both of these publications exude style, from the written word to their art direction, check them out.

Video 18 May 9 notes

Have been digging in the mag crates and found my near perfect copies of Raygun magazine. Without equal back in the 90s, still holds up today.

Photo 18 May A classic cover featuring two legends of jazz and hip hop. #guru #byrd #magazine #straightnochaser

A classic cover featuring two legends of jazz and hip hop. #guru #byrd #magazine #straightnochaser

Video 14 May

Reading, riding, listening, inspiration.

Quote 13 May
A grand oak tree can take three hundred years to grow, three hundred years to live, and three hundred years to die.
Quote 13 May
"A culture is no better than it’s woods".
— W H Auden, Bucolics: II, Woods (1953)
Video 12 May 1 note

Out and about in Whitstable.

Video 12 May 2 notes

An unexpected afternoon stop at the Waterways Festival in Little Venice taking place on the Grand Union Canal.

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